RUN THE ELITE is a New York City based brand creating art at the intersection of fashion and urban culture. RUN THE ELITE was founded in 2016, by Kristen Crawford, a young, Belizean-American woman. Kristen always had a keen sense of fashion and a sharp eye for trends.
It's not often, we are placed in situations where there are opportunities to draw out our stronger selves. We must overcome obstacles, some of the biggest obstacles being ourself.
During Quarantine 2020, the entire world, despite many losses, was also granted the gift of time! RUN THE ELITE got the push we needed to blossom into something greater! Great ideas comes when artistic genius is paired with business savvy.
RUN THE ELITE is happy to launch our e-commerce business, where we currently produce/design apparel and accessories.
RUN THE ELITE aims to engage within the evolving interaction of community, urban culture and style.